Services and Pricing

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We are here to help you to manage the following:


Migraines/Headaches, Back Pain, Neck & Shoulder Tension, Joint Pain, Arthritis, Sports Injuries/RSI, Nerve Damage.

Fertility Issues

Ovarian Cysts, Decreased Ovarian Reserve, Elevated FSH, Luteal Phase Defect, IVF Support, IUI Support, Male Factor Infertility, Recurrent Miscarriage, Unexplained Infertility.

Gynecological Conditions

Menopause, Low Libido, Endometriosis, PCOS, Irregular Menses, Painful Menses, PMS, Stress Related Hormone Imbalance.

Mental Health Issues

Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Stress, Eating Disorder, Substance Abuse Disorders.

General Health Issues

IBS, Acid Reflux, Vertigo, Nausea, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Hay Fever, Eczema, Fatigue.


Acupuncture for Pain

Acupuncture for Fertility

Acupuncture for Gynecology

Acupuncture for Mental Health

Acupuncture for General Health


Tui Na (Chinese Massage)

Gua Sha (Scraping)

Cupping Therapy


Tai Chi Classes

Tai Chi Class for Core Strength (Back Pain Relief)

Tai Chi Class for Balance & Leg Strength (Fall Prevention)

Self-help Wellbeing Workshops

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Acupuncture Consultation Fees

Initial: $150/session (60 minutes)

Follow-up: $120/session (45-60 minutes)

Prepaid Value Pack: $95/session (Mininum of 6 sessions/pack)

Pre & Post IVF Support: $190/ 2 sessions (30 minutes each)

Bodyworks Fees (stand-alone)

Chinese Massage: $120/session (60 minutes)

Chinese Massage: $60/session (30 minutes)

Cupping Therapy: $60/session (30 minutes)

GuaSha (Scraping): $60/session (30 minutes)

Moxibustion: $60/session (30 minutes)

Tai Chi Class Fee

Single Class: $20 (60 minutes/class)

Prepaid Course of 10 Classes: $150 (valid for up to a 12-weeks period)