Pricing & Health Fund Rebate

Our practitioner is registered for ALL the health funds rebate and Comcare.

Acupuncture Fees

Initial: $150/session (60 minutes)

Follow-up: $120/session (45-60 minutes)

Prepaid Value Pack: $95/session (Mininum of 6 sessions/pack)

Pre & Post IVF Support: $190/ 2 sessions (30 minutes each)

Bodyworks Fees (stand-alone)

Chinese Massage (Tuina): $120/session (60 minutes)

Chinese Massage (Tuina): $60/session (30 minutes)

Cupping Therapy: $60/session (30 minutes)

GuaSha (Scraping): $60/session (30 minutes)

Moxibustion: $60/session (30 minutes)

Tai Chi Class Fee

Single Class: $20 (60 minutes/class)

Prepaid Course of 10 Classes: $150 (valid for up to a 12-weeks period)

Health Funds

Our practitioner has private health fund rebate status and the majority of health funds provide a rebate for Acupuncture & bodyworks (massage). As each health fund is different it is a good idea to check with your individual health fund to confirm your level of cover, which services they cover and the rebate amount.


Comcare covers acupuncture and massages as part of allied health services. You will need your Comcare referral from your doctor at your first visit. Visits after the first must be approved by a case officer. Payment is required at the time of consultation and a receipt will be issued for you to claim the rebate from Comcare.