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I share what I know, hoping to help others make small shifts that can lead to huge transformation – in mind, body and energy levels.

Course Name: Free Webinar

The Acupressure Techniques That Can Stop Headaches Immediately.

This formula Chen used has helped thousands people stopped acute and chronic headaches. It covers different sets of points for tension headache, sinus headache and migraine. He invites you to have a first-hand experience using these pressure points to ease headaches. These acupressure techniques are safe to apply, easy to learn and understandable by an 8-years old.

All you need to enroll this webinar is having an open mind and the willingness to give a go. You have got nothing to lose, but a chance to help yourself and your loved ones with your own hands.

Course Name: Tai Chi Classes in Canberra

Location: 73 Sprent Street, Narrabundah.

Tai Chi for Core Strength (Back Pain Relief).

6:00PM Wednesday.

Course Name: 4 Simple Steps to Get Your Energy Back For Life.

This 3-hours video course is an informative visual guide to help people gain their full energy potential and recover from the burnout or Chronic/Adrenal Fatigue. This course is a visual companion to “the Energy Book” as the teaching is based on the material from “the Energy Book”.

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Check out the sample video clip here.