Chen Qiang studied acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine at Zhejiang University Of traditional Chinese Medicine in China. As one of the top graduates of the year, he joined the Second People's Hospital of Jian'de City, Zhejiang as Doctor of Acupuncture. He received his license of acupuncture from the Department of Health and Medical Services (DOHMS), Dubai in 1998, and his National Acupuncture License from the Ministry of Health (MOH), United Arab Emirates in 2003. He also studied with Dr. Houchi Dung, a renowned anatomist and acupuncturist, in University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, USA, in 2001. In 2006, he completed the course with the University of New England, NSW, Australia, was awarded the Bachlor of Health Science (TCM). Mr. Chen's clinical experience covers a wide range of neurological and musculo-skeletal disorders as well as treatment success with stress-associated emotional, digestive, and menstrual disorders. Mr. Chen is a member of the Chinese Acupuncture Association, the Emirates Medical Association.

Mr. Chen worked as acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner in various private clinics for over 11 years in Dubai. Meanwhile, Chen was working at the Neurospinal Hospital, as a part-time visiting acupuncturist, for stroke rehabilitation and chronic pain management. He also been appointed as Chinese medicine examiner for the TCAM office, Ministry of Health, UAE. Currently, Chen established his own Chinese medicine wellness center in Dalian, China.


Mr. Chen is an energetic advocate on acupuncture and Chinese medicine. He did various presentations and demonstrations at medical institutes, professional organizations, which include Gulf Medical College (2004), American Hospital Dubai (2005), Neurospinal Hospital Dubai (2004), the College of Natropathic Medicine UK (2006), the third international-first GCC conference on "the Future of Alternative and Complementary Medicine" in Kuwait (2009)

From his effort in promoting acupuncture, Taichi and Chinese medicine, Mr. Chen becomes a media personality. He has been featured in the major local and national magazines in the UAE:Timeout Dubai , OK! Middle East, Good Living, Emirates Parents , Living In the Gulf, and newspapers: Gulf News, Khaleej Times, Gulf Today. Currently, Mr. Chen is a columnist for the Dalian English magazine Focus on Dalian. The the Doctor is In answers the questions of Chinese medicine for the Expat community in Dalian.

Mr. Chen taught TaiChi class (Yang style) for beginners in Dubai since 1997. Now the class running by his assistant Mrs Angela Abu Alwan. She also leads "Dr. Chen's Taichi Group" practice Taichi and Qigong regularly at AlWasl Park.


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